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It Seems Like

Forever Ago

Forever Ago
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Welcome. I opened this journal as a home for my writing, so you don't have to search through my journal or the community to find a fic. This journal is public, so you don't have to be added to read it. If you want to be added to my personal journal wasted_faith, that's fine. Just comment, add me & I'll add you back. I'm cool like that. Trust me.

If you're not familiar with me or my writing, please be aware that it contains:
1) Slash. That's fanfiction of a sexual nature. Sometimes graphic, sometimes implied.
But always...
2) Homosexuality. That's right. Sex between two men. Sometimes more. Not just any two men, but brothers.
That makes it...
3) Incest. Yep. Not just brothers, but twins. Identical twins. Which we lovingly refer to as twincest.
4) Benji Madden and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte.

Now, if any of the above disgusts you or offends you in any way, I strongly suggest that you leave and go somewhere you will feel more comfortable.

However, if your panties are wet at just the thought of it, feel free to browse around.

Oh, one more thing, none of the events depicted in these stories are real. I made them all up. I am not deriving any profit from them. They are purely for my own perverse amusement. Enjoy!

Thank you to the lovely simplysonia for images used in banner! Lyrics in banner from Sin So Well by Rebekah.

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